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Welcome to the Geocaching Capital of Kentucky!

The Berea Chamber of Commerce is the host of the only GeoTour in Kentucky, and it is a GeoTour you don't want to miss! A GEOCACHING Expedition is calling. Are you ready?

The Berea Chamber of Commerce is proud to have the support of our local business members who love to share Berea with visitors, create unforgettable memories, and encourage adventure tourism. As locals, we know and love Berea and the diverse beauty it offers. As a Chamber of Commerce, we're eager to promote our Chamber members, plus welcome you to our area's amazing hiking trails, gorgeous walking paths, breathtaking landscapes, our beautiful and secluded ponds and waterways (great for kayaking and canoeing), our rich history, working artisans, unique historical landmarks, and amazing photography opportunities you will treasure forever!

There's never been a better time to explore Berea.

We're Grateful For Our Sponsors of Our 2020-2021 GeoTour:

Local Businesses:

Geocachers Helping to Support this Year's GeoTour:

  • 3FindMice
  • AwanaKY
  • Fan3
  • jeangreat
  • kissjoecache
  • KYGeoStalker
  • kymtnhiker
  • secondwind
  • spaceteacher
  • Team_Arista
  • Vtshortcuts
  • Xi-Ani

Did You Know We Host an Annual Geocaching Weekend Every Year?

(3rd Weekend of October, Fri-Sun)

2021 Dates: October 15th - 17th

Follow Our Facebook Page to Stay Informed:

Berea Chamber of Commerce Annual Geocaching Weekend (BCOCAGW)



Hundreds of Geocachers trek to Berea for this Action Packed Weekend

Thousands Continue to Visit Berea Throughout The Year to Geocache

When you're ready to find out where a tour bus can't take you....our GeoTour will guide you on an outdoor adventure, taking you to places only locals know about in and around Berea, KY.

Adventure tourism is a growing industry and we are embracing the opportunity to share our natural landscape and abundant resources with individuals who love the great outdoors! Explore Berea like never before and allow our local businesses to serve you, and make you feel welcomed in Berea. Fall in love with Berea! We are the Geocaching Capital of Kentucky, and the only place in Kentucky to offer you the opportunity to complete an Official GeoTour.

The mission of the Berea Chamber of Commerce is, with integrity,

to promote the prosperity and enhance the quality of life in Berea, KY by:

  • supporting the success and growth of current businesses;
  • encouraging and seeking new business development;
  • enhancing communications and collaboration; and
  • promoting Berea as a place to live, work, and EXPLORE.

With Geocaching, we get to Accomplish our Mission!

  • Geocachers work in, or own, a variety of businesses that have innovative new ideas, creativity, stability, growth, and understand the importance of adapting quickly.
  • Geocachers love to share ideas and help create new business opportunities.
  • Geocachers know how to communicate effectively around the world, and network globally.
  • Geocachers love adventures, they love exploration, and they accept new challenges willingly, pus they share their experiences with others, helping us grow.

Are You Ready to Explore Berea, KY?


Download and print your Expedition Guide below (Choose from one or all of these: GeoTour Year #1....GeoTour Year #2....GeoTour Year#3....GeoTour Year #4)


Grab a writing instrument and your GPS or Smartphone (with the Official Geocaching app installed) and tweezers, flashlight/blacklight, and a gallon jug. Search for GT78 under GeoTours, or Google "Berea Chamber GeoTour" to get started.


Make your trek to Berea, Kentucky and explore areas where no tour bus can take you.  You'll get to experience places only locals know about, so hurry - an adventure awaits you!


GeoTour 2016.2017 Year #1 Souvenir - Earn a custom crafted souvenir in the shape of Kentucky (Crafted by a Local Berea Artisan). This souvenir honors our very first GeoTour in Berea, KY and the only active GeoTour in KY at that time.

GeoTour 2017.2018 Year #2 Souvenir - Earn a custom crafted souvenir in the shape of a Miniature Spoonbread Spoon (Crafted by a Local Berea Artisan). *Spoonbread is a local delicacy & the Berea Chamber hosts the famous Spoonbread Festival during the 3rd full weekend of September - for 22+ years drawing over 60,000+ people annually.

GeoTour 2018.2019 Year #3 Souvenir Earn a custom crafted souvenir in the shape of the Berea Artisan Hand (Crafted by a Local Berea Artisan). Berea is known for its working artisans and craftsmen and women, and our popular hand statues throughout our town signifying the importance of locally made and hand-crafted items.

GeoTour 2019.2020 Year#4 Souvenir Earn a custom crafted souvenir that commemorates "Daniel Boone's Trace" through KY. Berea and Madison County Kentucky are rich in history and many of the geocaches on this year's tour will help you visit new sites of historical value relating to this era of history.

2019 - Adventure Lab App Visit your smartphone's app store and download this newest app created by Geocaching and Groundspeak. This was a new type of geocache in 2019 (earn 10 new geocaches by completing this Adventure Lab). Ours is 100% accessible, available 24/7/365, and incorporates interactive media and a scavenger hunt/trivia feel. It will take you on a guided tour of popular and historical spots in Berea. Plan for 1-2 hours to complete this Adventure Lab.

GeoTour 2020-2021 Year #5 Souvenir Earn a custom crafted souvenir that acknowledges the "Year of COVID," and it's impact across Kentucky (and around the globe). The geocaches on this tour will earn you a souvenir that reflects on the changes we've all encountered to everyday life, including wearing masks and social distancing, amidst a global pandemic.

Berea Chamber GeoTour 2016.2017 Year 1_The Knob Archived.pdf

(Some geocaches may be archived, but remain on guide. Continue without them.) 

Berea Chamber GeoTour 2017_2018 Year 2 (2 Geos Archived).pdf

(Some geocaches may be archived, but remain on guide. Continue without them.)

Berea Chamber GeoTour 2018.2019 Year 3 (2 Geos Archived).pdf

(Some geocaches may be archived, but remain on guide. Continue without them.)

(Some geocaches may be archived, but remain on guide. Continue without them.)

Berea Chamber GeoTour 2020_2021 Year 5 Expedition Guide

(Some geocaches may get archived, but remain on guide, continue without them)

*No expiration date.

*The Virtual Souvenir earned through differs from our physical souvenir(s).

The Official GeoTour at requires ALL GeoTour caches to be found to earn the Virtual Souvenir. We add new caches to our GeoTour every year. (The longer you wait, the more you need to find.)

(Helpful Note: GeoTours max out at 150 caches)

Only the caches on each of our Expedition Guides, plus the points you earn by completing each Expedition Guide, will gain you our physical souvenir (made by a local Berea artisan). The physical souvenirs change each year to highlight that year's theme of our annual Geocaching Weekend new cache kickoff.

Enjoy Our GeoTour Any Time of Year! Geocachers love Berea!

Explore & Learn More: (GeoTour # GT78)